Quotes from some happy customers:

Training’s paying off thanks to Emma Kicks, Tholthorpe 10k today in 49:10 mins and felt strong and happy all the way round. Loved every second of it! Kept imagining I was Mo blasting along like you said and it felt so natural and relaxed. Can’t describe how happy it makes me to feel like that in a shorter race again. Thank you Emma. – Hayley, Ripon.

Oooh I’d forgotten just how lovely that post sports massage feeling is – my legs feel all rubbery and light all at the same time and I’m all smiley and sorted for tomorrow night’s run. Emma, you’ve made me a very happy bunny!! Sheena, Harrogate.

Being trained by Emma has really taken my running to the next level. I was 41 and I’d done two marathons before in very similar times but I couldn’t imagine that I could possibly run the distance any quicker – I’d definitely hit a plateau – so to take 20 minutes off my PB was an amazing result. Before I’d been guilty of running lots of junk miles, plus doing a lot of cross training every week, thinking that the more exercise I did, the better. Emma’s programme meant that my training got a lot smarter and more running focussed and it was really motivational to see my times coming right down as the weeks progressed. About 6 weeks before the event I began to feel that maybe, just maybe, I might get close to that 3 hr 30 mark even though all my long runs were done at a much slower pace. I got to the start line in York feeling mentally and physically ready for the challenge ahead. The weekly interval sessions were tough but totally paid off and just knowing that I was being trained by somebody who was a runner themselves was invaluable. It’s just been a great experience from start to finish and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to feel stronger, fitter and a lot faster, whatever level you’re at. Emma D, Knaresborough.

Great massage today with Ridgeway fitness and health. Very understanding and adapted the massage well as had ‘junior’ in attendance. He gave the massage table seal of approval by passing out on it while we talked nutrition! Thanks Emma!!! Andrea, Harrogate.

I can’t recommend Emma highly enough. She’s a genius. Vicky, Ripon.

‘Not just for sports injuries, I had a terrible niggle in my shoulder for weeks caused through work and tried all sorts. I had Emma work on my shoulder for half an hour. I never felt that pain again’ Dean L, Harrogate.

‘Thanks for the massage last night Emma. Great to learn how and why I have the aches and pains!’ Philippa M, Harrogate.

Emma helped me loose my baby weight (and believe me I went for it eating wise in the last month of pregnancy!!) – Andrea, Harrogate.

‘I have had a fantastic sports massage today, can’t wait for my next one!’ Rachel K, Harrogate.

‘Brilliant massage yesterday the legs are feeling refreshed today!’ Chris B, Harrogate.

‘I’ll be booking another massage pretty soon, just as maintenance this time. You’ve made an amazing difference to my recovery from injury, and all the extra advice was fab thanks!!’ Sheena J, Harrogate.

‘Just been for a pregnancy massage this afternoon and it was wonderful and relaxing….even at 36 weeks!! Emma comes highly recommended.’ Jayne T, Knaresborough.

‘Would highly recommend Emma. Great to have a massage from someone who is a seasoned runner and knows just where to find those little niggles. I have visited a few specialists and Emma was the only one who managed to get to the root of my problem! Thanks Emma, will be booking in again soon.’ Helen M, Harrogate.

‘In the middle of treatment for a badly torn calf, but I’m beginning to see improvement. Slow but steady recovery helped greatly by Emma’s sports massages.’ Nicki W, Harrogate.